Politics, business and money.

Understanding how these work together and how they shape our world is crucial. I’ve learned this in my years as an analyst, columnist, and business journalist looking at power and money in complex, troubled places. This is what I do.

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Crude Nation: How Oil Riches Ruined Venezuela

Crude Nation (Potomac Books) tells the story of a country driven mad by oil. The book explores the upside down reality that makes oil rich Venezuela a ticking economic time bomb. Venezuelans buy and sell dollars in secret, and smuggle gasoline and food for a living. Drivers fill their gas tanks almost for free and used cars never seem to lose their value over time. The narrative captures the lives of regular Venezuelans and the author’s own experiences to reflect on why people in this broken country can’t find toilet paper, wait in line to buy rationed Colgate toothpaste and have trouble finding coffins to bury their dead. For book updates, scroll down to join the Crude Nation email community. Pre-order the book at: .


Available October 1, 2016!

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